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The Matlock - Crockett Connection

The Matlock and Crockett Family Line
Connects via
Nettie May Bradberry
 (GENERATION No. 5 of the Crockett Family Line)
(5th Great Granddaughter of Aaron Crockett, brother of David (Davy Crockett)
and 5th Great Niece to the Historical Davy Crockett)

Story Title:
Monseiur de la Croquetagne
Submitted By: William D Blanton (

"The Crocketts were the descendants of Monsieur de la Croquetagne, captain in the Royal Guard of the king of France, Louis XIV. As a Huguenot, he or his descendants eventually fled France in the 17th Century and migrated to Ireland."

This book, The French in Texas: History, Migration, Culture edited by Fran├žois Lagarde discusses that Davy Crockett did not know he was of French descent. It discusses that his grandparents, the keeper of family lore, were killed, murdered by Creek Indians. Genealogist traced the family line back to the Huguenot Colony of New Rochelle, New York, across the Atlantic to Ireland, then crossing the Channel to France. Crockett's forefather, Antoine de Sassure Peronnette de Crocketagne who served as second command of the household guard of King Louis the XIV. In 1669, he married Louis de Saix, a cousin of Marquis de Layfayette. The couple converted to Prostestantism and found themselves outside the law of 1685 when King Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes, which granted tolerance to French Protestants. This revocation gave them and others 20 days to leave the country or be killed. 

Nettie May Bradberryand John Andrew Matlock:
Marriage: February 20, 1910, Weakley County Tennessee.
Nettie May Bradberry (daughter of William Daniel Bradberry and Sarah Caline Wainscott) was born October 17, 1889 in Sharon Tennessee, and died August 12, 1972 in Memphis Tennessee. She married John Andrew Matlockon February 20, 1910 in Weakley County Tennessee, son of John Wesley Matlockand Susan Rosa Bell Pettijohn.
  1. Lara May Matlock, b. April 07, 1911, Sidonia Tennessee.
  2. Guy Winford Matlock, b. October 07, 1912, Sidonia Tennessee, d. November 11, 1991, Westminster Colorado.
Sarah Caline Wainscott married William Daniel Bradberry (GENERATION No. 5)
  1. Nettie May Bradberry, b. October 17, 1889, Sharon Tennessee, d. August 12 or 23, 1972, Memphis Tennessee.
  2. Clarence Cliftan Bradberry b. July 16, 1891 d. April 1967, Dresden, Weakly, TN m. Cecile Lacewell
  3. Birdie B. Bradberry b. May 18, 1893, TN m. Fred Wiseman
  4. William Maurace Bradberry b. February 23, 1896, TN
  5. Orah Lee Bradberry b. September 01, 1898 TN; d. March 07, 1966; m. James Kino Hicks April 4, 1920
Nancy Ann Hill married John W. Wainscott (GENERATION No. 4)
  1. Minnie Wainscott
  2. Mattie Wainscott
  3. Jim Wainscott b. TN
  4. Josie Wainscott
  5. Mary Wainscott b. 1859
  6. Ader A. Wainscott b. 1860
  7. Josepheis Wainscott b. 1862, TN
  8. Sarah Caline Wainscott b. March 03, 1862, TN; d. January 11, 1939 Sidonia, Weakley, TN
  9. Nancy M. Wainscott b. 1867
Rebecca Crockett married James Hill (GENERATION No. 3)
  1. Almira Hill b. 1833, TN
  2. Nancy Ann Hill b. 1837, TN
  3. William Hill b. 1838, TN
  4. John E. Hill b. 1840, Weakly, TN
  5. Sarah Hill b. 1842, TN
  6. James Hill b. 1844, TN
  7. Noah Hill b. 1846, TN
  8. Mary Hill b. 1847, TN
Aaron Crockett and Nancy Sampson(GENERATION No. 2)
Marriage: September 25, 1804
  1. Chloe Crockett
  2. Mary Crockett b. 1808
  3. Elizabeth B. Crockett b. 1816
  4. Ruth Crockett b. 1819
  5. John s. Crockett b. 1820
  6. Aaron D. Crockett b. 1825
  7. Rebecca Crockett b. 1809
John Crockett Sr.married Rebecca Hawkins (GENERATION No. 1)
1. Sarah Crockett
2. James William Crockett
3. Aaron Crockett b. March 07, 1782 in Sullivan, TN
4. Nathan Crockett
5. Patterson Crockett
6. David Hawkins Crockett (Davy Crockett)
7. Elizabeth Crockett
8. Rebecca Crockett
9. Wilson Crockett
10. John Crockett, Jr
David Crockett, Sr married Elizabeth Hedge
  1. William Crockett b. 1748 in Tyrone, NC
  2. John Crockett, Sr. b. 1754 in Maryland, TN and died 1794 in TN
  3. Robert Crockett b. August 12, 1755 in Berkley, VA; m. Maragret Crockett
  4. Joseph Crockett b. 1756
  5. James Crockett b. 1758
William Crockettmarried Eliza Boulay
  1. David Crockett, SR. b. 1727 in Maryland; d. 1777 in Tyrone, NC; m. Elizabeth Hedge
Joseph Louis Crockettmarried Sarah Stewart
  1. Joseph Lewis Crockett b. C1700 in Donegal, Ireland; m. Jean De (Vigne) Crockett
  2. John Crockett b. June 10, 1707 in Bantry, Cork, Ireland; m. Eliza (Bewley) Crockett
  3. William Crockett b. August 10, 1709 in Fredrick, VA; m. Eliza Crockett (Boulay)
  4. Jason Spotswood Crockett b. December 2, 1712 in Virginia; m. Margaret (Lacy) Crockett on January 30, 139/40 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Margaret Lacy was born 1720 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Antoine Crocketagnemarried Loise De Saix in 1669
  • Spouse Louise De Saix b. in 1648 in France
  1. Gabriel Gustave De Crocketagne b. Oct 12, 1672 in Bordeaux, France
  2. James Crockett b. November 20, 1674 in Kenmore Parish, Bantry, Cork, Ireland; m. Martha Montgomery (Crockett)
  3. Joseph Louis Crockett b. january 9, 1675 Ireland; d. 1749 in South Branch, Roanoke, VA; m. Sarah (Stewart) Crockett (b. 1680 in Donegal, Ireland; d. 1800)
  4. Robert Watkins Crockett b. July 18,1678 in Kenmore Parish, Ireland; m. Rachel (Watkins) Crockett
  5. Louis Dessaix Crockett b. March 15, 1679 in Kenmore, Parish, Bantry, Cork, Ireland
  6. Mary Frances Crockett b. February 20, 1681 in Ireland
  7. Sarah Elizabeth Crockett b. April 13, 1685 in Ireland
Gabriel Gustave De Crocketagne and Michelle Francis Harney
Antoine Crocketagne b. July 10, 1643 in Montaubon, France
· Birth: 1643-07-10, Montauban,,,France
· Death: 1735, Crocketts Hill,Tamlaght Ocrilly, Drumnacannon, Northern Ireland
· Married: Louise De Saix 1669, Bordeaux,Girorde,,France
Gabriel Gustave De Crocketagne
· Birth: 1600, Montanbon,Tarn Et Garonne,Mid Pyranees,France
· Death: 1643, , , , France
· Married: Michelle Francis Harney
o Birth: 1621, ,,,France
o Death: 1689
· Birth: 1576, Garonne,,,France
· Death: 1653
· Married: Cordelia Maybelle BURDEN 1613, ,,,France
o Birth: 1595, ,,,France

Gustave Matthew DE CROCKETAGNI

  • Birth: 1546, Garonne,,,France
  • Death: 1617, Garonne,,,France
  • Married:Colleen Margaret ORR 1570, Garonne,,,France
    • Birth: 1550, ,,,France
· Birth: 1515, ,,,France
Died: 1589 in Montauban, Tarn-et-Garonne, Midi-Pyrenees, France 
· Married: Marilyn Regina KEELER 1542, ,,,France
o Birth: 1518, ,,,France
Perry De Crocketagni 
  • Born: 1495- 
  • Wife: Sarah Buckley 1495- 
  • Children:
    • Robert Wade De Crocketagne
      • B: 1515 in France 
      • D: 1589 in Montauban, Tarn-et-Garonne, Midi-Pyrenees, France 

  • Viola Bessie de CROCKETAGNI B: 1548